A Hatsune Miku Music Video Chronology Marathon

Hatsune Miku is not a character from an anime. But, her music videos would count as animation produced in Japan.

After one of said works ended up included in my binge of Fantasista Utamaro’s animation directing work, database hound tools like MALgraph have been nudging me to watch other music videos featuring her ever since.

We are going to need a much bigger word processor document boat to tackle this fish.

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Mothballs: Loves Once Drifted Macross The Stars

This Week: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012

Due to the Thanksgiving week curveball, this was a tight series of days for diving into any lengthy backcatalog anime.

As such I popped in only a little something easy to watch and write about, where practically everything about it is already a spoiler, so please be advised of that minefield.

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