Mothballs: An Embrace Is Like A Gatchaman

This Week: Gatchaman Crowds: Embrace

The Sentai Filmworks home video set of Gatchaman Crowds has been making the release rounds, so I thought it would be topical all these months later to go over the director’s cut version of what happened in the last episode of that series.

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Anime Admirers 2013: Hub Worlds And Homesteads

The year is coming to an end, and as we reflect back on everything, it is the season for anime lists and more excuses for silly alliteration.

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Pendant Light: Gatchaman Crowds And Saving Superheroes

Over the years, I have become increasingly disillusioned with how Hollywood and entertainment media at large has been portraying superheroes.

Gatchaman Crowds has my back and shares in this opinion.

It is a series of broadside confetti canon blasts exuberantly rebelling against and reconstructing the very genre of entertainment it knows can thrive in the precise areas it has been casting aside.

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