Pendant Light: “Yes Please! We Could Definitely Use A Halloween Party”

As we’re into the month of October, it’s the time of year when one might get to thinking they want to pop something in for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Questions like “What’s your favorite Halloween anime?” start popping up around forums and suggestion threads. Often, while the responses are often quite populated by all manner of horror or blood and guts titles, I tend to find them lacking in a certain respect.

Few, if any, ever actually feature Halloween.

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Mothballs #17: Affair of the Pair

This Week: Dirty Pair OVA Series, Dirty Pair: Project Eden, Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy, and Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia.

I’ve been powerfully stressed out recently, so I went back to an anime fandom standby from the wayback machine for something that would fit like a comfortable pair of pants. Which is to say, I watched Dirty Pair all week.

Manga Entertainment has it all on their YouTube channel, so it’s in easy reach (avoid the Dirty Pair Flash remake, it took all the wrong messages and tanked for good reason). They only have a few hundred views apiece, so I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the attention.
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