Anime Admirers 2013: The Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana)

If I could select but one of any anime program from the previous year to be seen by someone, even in some kind of forced eyelid A Clockwork Orange style approach, it would be The Flowers of Evil.

At times seemingly more methodical than flowing molasses in the dead of winter, it is a vessel of dread as a most highly distilled emotion. It is an excruciating journey of youthful unease and personal torment. And I adored looking forward to it each and every week it was airing.

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Anime Admirers 2013: Little Witch Academia

With all of the hyperbole regarding the upstarts at Studio Trigger “saving anime,” and setting the web animation Inferno Cop aside, it is easy to forget that their proper introduction to the world arrived on our doorsteps less than a year ago.

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Anime Admirers 2013: Monogatari Series: Second Season

Given the raw strength of sales of the franchise in both the original light novel and anime adaptation department,  the idea of thinking it finds a place in a favorites of the year least is not very surprising from many perspectives.

Indeed though, for a series that is often all about matters of character perspective, this entry has taken great strides in distancing itself from the ones that had become all too familiar.

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Anime Admirers 2013: Hub Worlds And Homesteads

The year is coming to an end, and as we reflect back on everything, it is the season for anime lists and more excuses for silly alliteration.

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