My Anime ABC’s

In a bit of a shakeup from my normal posts, about two weeks back Justin from the writing operation over at the Organization ASG blog took the opportunity to plug / nominate my own little anime writeup factory here for one of those ABC Award post thingies. Naturally, I am very thankful for the nod of confidence in what I do here, and that I would be able to make a potentially interesting post out of it! I do apologize for the time it took to actually get posted, but schedules and weather has been more than a little wacky recently.

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Mothballs: Don’t Tell Gally To Stay In The Galley

This Week: Battle Angel

On January 28th, Yukito Kishiro finally brought the Battle Angel Alita: Last Order manga to the end of its run.

With roughly double the length of the original series, its kind of a weird thing to actually see. If we include the original (1990 – 1995, ended early due to health reasons), some random short stories (that slow drip collection starting in 1997), and Last Order (2001 – 2014), this has all been, well, a pretty impressive professional accomplishment to say the least. The series had a little two episode OVA produced, so it seemed timely to pop back in this week and well before the next endeavor (The Martian War Chronicles) kicks off later this year.

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Hangers: Winter Anime, Week Four

This Week: Kill La Kill, Nagi No Asukara, Space Dandy, Pupa, and Gundam Build Fighters.

The one third or so mark of the season, and some of these programs are going to need to start coming in for extra credit if they don’t want to be too off course come midterms.

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