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This is the most unrestricted part of the site, playing more to bigger commentary that would not fit more conveniently in other categories, or a passing idea of mine.

Often, these are the posts that are featured at the top of the homepage.

Organized by newest first:

Mysterious Girlfriend X, Mysterious Revisitation Y (09/28/2014)

Band of Ninja, and the Fundamentals of Animated Revolution (08/03/2014)

X: The End of the World and Us (07/28/2014)

Pictures at an Exhibition and Osamu Tezuka’s Gallery on Decay (07/17/2014)

Ranking The Films Of Mamoru Oshii Is To Become The Basset Hound (07/07/2014)

A Hatsune Miku Music Video Chronology Marathon (06/13/2014)

Anime Blog Anniversary – Super Song And Dance Link Party Adventures (05/24/2014)

The Anime Music Videos of Fantasista Utamaro (05/18/2014)

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise and The Shooting Star We Saw (05/04/2014)

“I Always Wanted To Land A Harrier On My Lawn,” And Why Beautiful Dreamer Is Still Relevant (04/19/2014)

Flag, The Banners Of Peace And The Fuels Of War (03/10/2014)

My Anime ABC’s (02/11/2014)

Hakujaden, The Tale of the White Serpent, And Living A Love In Color (01/19/2014)

Anime Admirers 2013: The Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana) (01/10/2014 )

Anime Admirers 2013: The Eccentric Family (Uchoten Kazoku) (01/07/2014)

Anime Admirers 2013: Little Witch Academia (01/07/2014)

Anime Admirers 2013: Monogatari Series: Second Season (01/01/2014)

Anime Admirers 2013: gdgd Fairies Season Two (12/31/2013)

Anime Admirers 2013: Hub Worlds And Homesteads (12/30/2013)

Source Wars (11/18/2013)

Boogiepop and Others. The Imaginator and Myself. (10/29/2013)

Anime Horror and Watching Nice Things (10/21/2013)

Gatchaman Crowds And Saving Superheroes (10/14/2013)

“Yes Please! We Could Definitely Use A Halloween Party” (10/08/2013 )

Sugar Cereals And Ice Cream Dreams: The DAICON III And IV Opening Animations (09/03/2013)

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