How did you get into anime?


My first anime was Robotech when it was in some variety of syndication.

I know it was before it hit Toonami in 1998, because I remember being excited that one of the robot shows I liked when I was a really young kid was back on the air again. I know some folks still get really bent out of shape about the edits and narrative changes done to the production (as it was a mash-up of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) but I don’t hold any ill will over it. It did what it needed to do to get on the air over here at all, and I could still tell there was something different about it that would later parlay itself into anime exploration on the whole.

It’s not like I can’t just watch unaltered Macross on my own time whenever I want to in this modern era.

I want to know where you are coming from with your anime perspectives. Where can I go to read your opinions about some of your favorite anime / genres / etc?

Here are some highlight posts, but I also recommend you poke through the index page as well:

We Know the Devil, Avatar Tuner

“I Always Wanted To Land A Harrier On My Lawn,” And Why Beautiful Dreamer Is Still Relevant

– Mysterious Girlfriend X, Mysterious Revisitation Y

– My Anime Secret Santa 2014 Contributions: Rainbow-Colored Fireflies: The Eternal Summer Vacation, Ring ni Kakero 1, and Asura

– Several write-ups on my favorite anime of 2014.

They should be a swell start and get you a sense of where my head is when it comes to these things.

I have and actively maintain a Kitsu.io profile.

My list profiles always have some huge gaps in it though, as there are plenty of productions I have seen many years ago but don’t remember enough of to add them appropriately to my list.

Why are your blog categories named after things like mothballs and hangers?


I’ve been using “Vintagecoats” as a username on the internet for many years. Registering the site name as that made enough sense, since this may as well be my personal media journal.

I merely name my blog categories after things I can find in a bedroom to keep something of a theme going.

Plus, it just amuses me. I get to do things like name my Currently Airing Series section Hangers because they tend to have lots of cliffhangers, you see.

I have a request! Will you write a post about [this topic and/or anime]?


I can certainly listen to anything you may want me to take a particularly special look into for a writing piece, if you think my voice would generate swell content out of it.

I do reserve the right to be able to politely decline requests however, as it may very well not fit into my schedule or what I personally foresee fitting into the blog.

Can I ask you to be a guest writer / collaborate with me on a project / be on my convention panel / etc?


By all means, I’m more than open to collaboration works for various endeavors, be it on an anime project or otherwise. I do have that whole M.A. in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, if you somehow were more interested in using me for that than my comments on international animation media shenanigans.

As is the case with requests, I do deserve the right to politely decline if need be. For any number of reasons, it just may not be something I can dedicate the time to, and I would rather turn someone down promptly than leave them hanging with vague wishy washy statements.

Where else can I find you on the internet?


If you are feeling particularly friendly, my personal Twitter account is here.

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