About the Author

Vintagecoats holds a Master of Arts degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution, though of course under a different legal name.

With a personal research interest in media and technology matters in regards to their political and social impact, I have performed both academic and professional level international fieldwork in more than a dozen countries across six continents. This has included time in places as wide ranging as Rwanda, Singapore, and Kosovo, among many others.

This even includes several weeks spent with the United Nations Development Program living and working within the Chornobyl / Chernobyl Exclusion Zone [Reddit AMA from May 2012 available here].  I freely ate many locally grown fruits, vegetables, and other foods cultivated by the people I stayed with. I like to think I turned out just fine.

Perhaps as a side effect of all this, I watch a fair amount of anime in my spare time.

I treat this website more as a personal media reflection journal than anything else. But I hope you will find some of what I put here helpful in your own travels.

Contact Email:

vintagecoats [ a.t ] vintagecoats [ d.o.t ] net

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