“This Is Evidence Of My Existence,” Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Lookbook

Outfit from December 2020.

Phantasy Star Online was first released in Japan on the Sega Dreamcast in December 2000.

While North America received it one month later, the dates are close enough in my mind.

Capping off this year about two decades later with a Red Ring Rico cosplay seemed perfect.

The player character in PSO does not meet Rico in person. She was a researcher on an advance Pioneer I group meant to prep the planet Ragol for refugees fleeing their home world. All contact with the first group is lost upon a catastrophe during Pioneer II’s arrival. The player interacts with a number of messages and datapods left behind by Rico, as they try to get to the bottom of what happened.

So, she is a presence which looms large over the game. But you never “really” meet her yourself.

Most of my ideas for screenshots were from areas inspired by the kinds of locations present in the original PSO. Once upon a time, all we had were Forrest, Caves, Mines, and Ruins. The original Ruins is the toughest to make a direct analogue to, given its more surreal and alien circumstances. So the bio-luminescent plants of the Bewitched Woods felt right for the options which came to mind at the time.

The Autumn Leaf Earrings are my own improvised touch. When it came to shopping, I had to choose two from between Rico’s actual collaboration earrings, the Red Ring, and Rico’s Glasses. The latter two felt far more essential to the look.

For a field scientist though, the leaves still feel at home.

And most important of all: they are in keeping with her favorite color.


Look Breakdown:

Head: Base Hair 5

Body Paint: None

Outfits: Rico Replica


  1. Angel Feather
  2. Red Ring
  3. Autumn Leaf Earings
  4. Rico’s Glasses

Stickers: Muse Sticker


Phantasy Star Online 2 Red Ring Rico Costume Arks Lobby Looking Extremely Annoyed With Hand on Hip


Phantasy Star Online 2 Forest Pathway Red Ring Rico Costume Character Holding Her Head In Worry



Phantasy Star Online 2 Seabed Red Ring Rico Costume Staring At Ruins With A Question Mark Over Her Head


Phantasy Star Online 2 Underground Shafts Red Ring Rico Costume Examining Computer Terminal Console


Phantasy Star Online 2 Bewitched Woods Red Ring Rico Costume Posing In The Darkness With Bioluminescent Plants


Phantasy Star Online 2 Underground Shafts Red Ring Rico Costume Dark Falz Persona Victory Screen



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