Christmas NiGHTS, Phantasy Star Online 2 Fashion Lookbook

Outfit from Christmas 2020

I try to juggle only one outfit at a time.

While I have a clear love of dressing up my video game characters, if I spend too much time in the Salon I would never get to enjoy playing the actual game with the outfits.

The “Christmas on Ice” seasonal event quest gave higher rare drop bonuses for being one of Santa’s helpers though. Plus, everyone got suitable outfits out of the Mission Pass…

So when the emergency alarms went off, I would run back to the Salon and pull out this look. I would switch back to my Red Ring Rico attire after the event ended. Most of the time, at least.

Most of the accessories are shared between the two looks. Rico loved red, and red still suits the season, after all. But I made off with one colossal swap.

The earrings are gone, and in their place is a FOnewearl Hat.

The original Phantasy Star Online was developed by Sonic Team. If you take a look at the classic FOnewearl class art, its representative is a clownish jester of a girl. Her hat is very reminiscent of the lead character from another Sonic Team title, NiGHTS into Dreams. Which had a special limited demo disk: Christmas NiGHTS.

With the hat changing color to match the primary outfit and its large white pom-poms, the FOnewearl Hat makes for a novel holiday treat.


Look Breakdown:

Head: Base Hair 5

Body Paint: None

Outfits: Joyous Noel


  1. Angel Feather
  2. Red Ring
  3. FOnewearl Hat
  4. Rico’s Glasses

Stickers: Muse Sticker


Phantasy Star Online 2 Joyous Noel Cafe Ice and Snow Scuplture Theatre Girl In Santa Dress Waving


Phantasy Star Online 2 Joyous Noel Dark Falz Luther Victory Screen


Phantasy Star Online 2 Joyous Noel Wooden Bridge In the Snow Waterfall In the Background Girl In Santa Dress Blowing Bubbles


Phantasy Star Online 2 Joyous Noel Igloo Girl In Santa Dress With A Red Cake


Phantasy Star Online 2 Joyous Noel Shopping Plaza Lined With Christmas Trees Girl In Santa Dress Bowing

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