Night on the Galactic Railroad — Mild Peril Podcast Guest Appearance

With the Labor Day holiday weekend behind me, my self imposed summer hiatus from the website comes to a conclusion with a new type of journey for me.

As anyone who had been reading this site (or those just browsing the archives) for the first half of the year could tell, post updates were getting quite shaky for a period of time. In winter it was the heavy weather making timely currently airing series write-ups all but impossible. In spring my real life job responsibilities shifted, throwing another wrench into the works.

Some posts still came, of course (I rather liked the ones I did on Nimrod or Cold Body + Warm Heart, for instance). But once I hit the second year anniversary post I knew it would be best for the continued health of the site to back up. To build back a proper post pile  to pull from over time so I was not rushing and up against the wall as much. To have new ideas without needing immediate turnaround. To be better to myself, really. A crucial thing to look out for to maintain the kinds of content I want to make and be a part of. There are a few hundred posts around here,  after all, so it’s not like I plan on letting it all rust.

So with all that stress out of the way, let us return to standard operating procedure. A film about both going places and letting go.

And at the same time, throwing that operating procedure out the window, by being a part of something I had never done before!

I was invited by my friend Danielle to an episode of the Mild Peril Podcast to discuss a film of my choice. With some simple rules:

The movie had to fit within a G – PG ratings content level

The movie had to be one I had not seen in at least a decade

The movie is first discussed based on what I remember from all those years ago, then we watch it, then talk about this fresh viewing

I went with the 1985 anime version of Night on the Galactic Railroad.

I felt the environment and the particular time in my life I was in when I first encountered it would lead to an interesting discussion and reflection session. Also, with Discotek Media’s re-release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray looming ever larger, I think it pairs well as an opportunity to promote an older title which people will be able to actually buy a new copy of very soon!

I should note: this podcast was actually recorded weeks ago (the raw audio was about three hours for Danielle to cut down!), so anything I say off hand related to potential release dates is highly subject to change and should not be solely relied upon.

I encourage you to listen to the actual episode of course. But suffice it to say, seeing the film first as a teenager at a local rural library anime club during the heady days of the previous USA anime boom period versus where I am now in my life? A rather stark difference!


Click here for direct MP3 link to Libsyn, to play or save as you wish and forty seven minutes of Night on the Galactic Railroad related discussion.

For spoiler filled post-movie viewing discussion, jump to 22:38.


You can visit the Mild Peril Podcast on iTunes, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and I’m sure some other sites I’m not aware of.

My audio was on the trickier end as a first time thing, but as with everything it was a learning experience.  I hope you can enjoy and get something positive from the episode!


Night on the Galactic Railroad Ginga Tetsudou no Yoru Train Locomotive Giovanni Field of Blue Flowers Smoke

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