Free! – Eternal Summer, Collected Commentary Notebook (Episodes 1 – 13)

My episodic notes, reactions, and commentary from Free! – Eternal Summer, which aired during the Summer 2014 anime season.

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Hangers: Summer 2014 Anime, Week Twelve

This Week: Barakamon, Free! – Eternal Summer, Mobile Suit Gundam-san, M3: The Dark Metal, Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!!, Space☆Dandy Season Two, and Tokyo ESP.

The last episode of Free!, while every other show in this lineup moves to the diving blocks so they can set up for their finales.

As a reminder, after weekly shows conclude for the season, I now collect my episode remarks and move them into separate posts with the other episodes of the same show. This way, if readers new or old ever want to check out what I thought of a particular show as it was airing, they can do so without having to click through the weekly posts and be surrounded by unrelated series.

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