Hangers: Summer 2014 Anime, Week Ten

This Week: Barakamon, Free! – Eternal Summer, Mobile Suit Gundam-san, M3: The Dark Metal, Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!!, Space☆Dandy Season Two, and Tokyo ESP.

I make it a point to ensure every show I cover gets a featured image in these posts at some point during a season, or at least before its end of run for larger series. I thought I was doing a lot worse than I was, as the second season of Space☆Dandy holds five of the spots so far! But there are one shot distributions amongst most others at least. Only M3: The Dark Metal and Barakamon remained unaccounted for when I tallied them up.

This does not itself actually mean anything, I just like to maintain leading image variety and it is so easy to lose track of things in the middle of a season.

I am going with M3 this week, as I would get to use a sunset shot rather than gambling and then later having to use something from the murky grey Lightless Realm. Even M3 can manage sunsets.

Always be on the lookout for positives! The summer season is almost over.

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