Hangers: Summer 2014 Anime, Week Six

This Week: Barakamon, Free! – Eternal Summer, M3: The Dark Metal, Mobile Suit Gundam-san, Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!!, Space☆Dandy Season Two, and Tokyo ESP.

Halfway through the season, and thankfully that means some of these productions will be mercifully drawing to a close in relatively short order.

Some good stuff will also end up getting board wiped in that future process too through, which means I should value my time with them while I still can.

This post is a day later than it normally would be for my usual schedule, but personal circumstances delayed it coming together sooner.

The only series this impacts would be Tokyo ESP, which has already aired a new episode in the time since. I do not see this causing a significant enough issue to push the post back any further, so episode six of that production will be covered next week as it normally would be.

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