Mothballs #10: Fairy Dreaming

I’ve had an extremely busy week, but I did pop in one little series since I’ve been on a Koichi Ohata kick recently.






The “Magnum Opus” of Koichi Ohata’s violence sludge OVA’s, if there can be called such a thing. And while it was made in the ‘90’s, its soul is so ‘80’s it almost literally hurts. We’ve got psychic kids, a cyberpunk future, enhancements and government programs so obtuse to be in no way practical, ridiculous gore, crazed conspiracy plans, and it’s all topped off with Fairy Dreaming as a credits song. Genocyber is a borderline time capsule and love letter to everything media of that decade was pumping out, and as a result its almost endearing in how earnest it is about everything it wants to do.

The actual production is a terrible trainwreck of ideas mashing together and vying for attention. There’s no real way around that; based on an incomplete manga, it tries covering a lot of ground in five episodes, and it doesn’t have the running time or the script pacing to pull it off. Transitions are fairly wild, character motivations are one dimensional, plot twists are done with all the subtly of a brick to the face, etc.

As befits both the title and Ohata’s resume of era, Genocyber is unapologetically violent (when it isn’t trying to drive its narrative attempts at the viewer like a locomotive). Blood, guts, entrails, and body mutilations are on tap in copious amounts, often to such an extent that they come back around again and become amusingly interesting in seeing what insane contrivances will be taken to cause them to happen. They rarely have any actual weight due not caring about any of the characters, so they’re really only going for shock value and/or desperately trying to keep the viewers attention.

I’d “recommend” the double length first episode with the English dub as a short little standalone schlocky B-movie with historical note, since this is the kind of show that gave anime such a bad public reputation in western parental and media circles.


Mothballs is a weekly write-up of already completed anime series I have either removed from my backlog or have recently revisited. A crash space for my immediate thoughts and personal processing, these are not intended as full reviews.

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